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Burial Ground

The Parish Council burial ground is located at the churchyard at All Saints Church, Christian Malford.  It was opened by the Parish Council in 1960 when the churchyards became full and were closed to new burials.  It adjoins and is continuous with the old churchyards and can be identified by the close spacing and modernity of the memorials.  Maintenance of the closed churchyards and burial ground, including grass mowing, hedge cutting and fencing, is carried out by the Parish Council.

At the Parish Council Meeting on 12 January 2021 it was resolved to suspend reservations of plots due to the limited number of plots currently available. In March 2021 we had a Tier 1 Groundwater Risk Assessment carried out to investigate the potential to extend the Burial Ground further to the west but this showed that the ground was not deep enough to allow double-depth burials (as required).

It will be necessary for us to strictly adhere to the Eligibility Criteria for requests for burials in unreserved plots for the time being.

In 2022 we put together a proposal for a Memorial Garden to the west corner of the Burial Ground and have started works on this. The project includes:

  • A new area for the interment of ashes
  • New seating
  • A Memorial Wall/Tree
  • New fencing
  • Trees and sensory plants