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Christian Malford Village Posts

Closure of Footpath East to River Avon/Christian Malford (SBEN18)

Despite best endeavours to keep this open, Wessex Water have made a decision to close SBEN18 for 1 month from 24 May 2021 to enable works to be completed in this area.

Unfortunately there was insufficient space to keep the footpath open around their works as they have a large excavation for a manhole in the vicinity of the footpath, which has been placed as close to the hedgeline as possible to avoid permanent disruption to the farmer. The conditions there at the moment are quite boggy due to the recent rainfall and they do not feel that it is a safe place for the public to walk.

Wessex Water have apologised for this inconvenience and are planning to re-open for 28th June, but we will let you know if there any changes to this date.

Joo Foo, Project Manager, Wessex Water –
Mobile: 07825 657 860

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B4069 Road Closure – 14 to 25 June 2021

Temporary Closure B4069 (part), Sutton Benger

From: 14 June to 25 June 2021

Notice (TTRO 7310) is hereby given that the Wiltshire Council has made an Order to close temporarily to all traffic: B4069 (Part), Sutton Benger; from its property Frampton Farm for a distance of approximately 150 metres in an easterly direction.

To enable: Wessex Water to carry out installation of new sewer main and associated apparatus.

Alternative route: via B4069 (unaffected length) – A420 – A4 – A3102 – B4069 (unaffected length) and vice versa.

The closure and diversion route will be clearly indicated by traffic signs. Closure Notice B4069 (part) PLAN 14-Jun-2021.

This Order which previously came into operation on 10 May 2021 2021 will now recommence on 14 June 2021 and the closure will be required until 25 June 2021. It is anticipated that the works will take the stated duration to complete depending upon weather conditions. Access will be maintained for residents and businesses where possible, although delays are likely due to the nature of the works. The Order will have a maximum duration of 18 months.

For further information please contact Stephanie Clark on the behalf of Wessex Water on 0345 600 4600.

Sustainable Transport Group, County Hall, Bythesea Road, Trowbridge BA14 8JN

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Permitted Developments and Village Hall Rebuild In Christian Malford

Dear Landowner/Developer,

Re: Permitted Developments and Village Hall Rebuild In Christian Malford

You may be aware that there has been interest shown in housing developments linked to a new village hall within Christian Malford. Both the Village Hall Committee and the Parish Council have been approached by various land owners and developers with proposals for enabling developments where a contribution of funding and / or land would be given to support the rebuilding of the village hall. To provide a consistent and united approach these two organisations aim to consult the villagers to determine the preferred option. Therefore, we are now asking all interested parties to submit an outline of their proposal by Monday 14th June, in order that consultation with villagers can commence.

If you are (or represent) an interested party and would like to put forward proposals, please ensure your proposal answers the following points:

1. Provide a sketch of the proposed site, identifying the number of houses, the number of each type of housing, proposed access routes, proposed routes for services (water, telecoms, sewers etc)

2. Demonstrate how your proposal / enabling development is compliant with the village Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)

3. What are you going to contribute to the village hall rebuild funding?

4. If contributing land for the village hall rebuild, please provide a sketch showing location, size, access and services

5. What is your proposed timeframe for completion of your development?

6. Outline any key dependencies for your proposal, e.g. linked developments, sale of land, purchase of land

7. Outline any key assumptions contained within the proposal, e.g. use of green space

8. What do you view as the key risks in preventing the proposed development from being completed?

9. Are there any other points you would like to make in support of your proposal?

Please provide sketches and maps as A4 and ensure the written proposal does not exceed 4 sides of A4 paper including diagrams if included.

NB: If you have more than one option to propose, please complete the above questions for each option.

We shall evaluate each option, but our key criteria are: is the option realistic, timely and will it be supported by the village?

Please forward your proposals to Paul McPherson via email Chair of the Village Hall Committee, no later than Monday 14th June 2021

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Passing of HRH Prince Philip

Christian Malford Parish Council would like to express sincere condolences to the Queen and the rest of the Royal Family, following the sad news of the Duke of Edinburgh’s passing at the age of 99.

The Queen and Prince Philip were married for more than 70 years and this is undoubtedly a time of great sadness. We are sure that the thoughts of all Christian Malford residents are with the Queen and her family.

During the ongoing Coronavirus restrictions, the Royal Family have announced that physical Books of Condolence will not be available for the public to sign. Residents who wish to pay their respects should use the online book of condolence organised by Buckingham Palace which will be available on the Royal Family website.

The Royal Family have also asked that members of the public consider making a donation to a charity instead of leaving floral tributes in memory of The Duke.

Prince Philip made a notable contribution through founding his Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, to equip and empower young people from all communities to build the skills, confidence, and resilience they need to make the most out of life. A donation to the DofE Award scheme can be made at

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Burial Ground Risk Assessment

The Parish Council have commissioned a Tier 2 Risk Assessment on the land to the west of the existing burial ground, at a cost of £4,600, to see if it meets the strict criteria to allow us to extend the burial ground.

We are hoping this will allow us to extend the burial ground as we only have a small number of spaces available.

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