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The Rising Sun Needs You ! – Your Invitation to Join

The village pub was re-born in February this year through the investment funding of our group of villagers. We all live in the village and are in-tune with the ‘word on the street’ and this message provides an update on what the project has achieved and the further steps needed to secure The Rising Sun for us all.

Essentially the business needs to grow in scale to be able to support the operating costs.  The path taken does depend on the wider community and through this message we are seeking:

  • Interest in using The Rising Sun as a customer
  • Expressions of interest in joining the consortium either in helping to run the pub or to invest in the purchase of the buildings
  • Volunteers to assist in keeping the pub operating

With a wide and sustained community effort The Rising Sun can continue to be a social hub of Christian Malford. Without that wide level of engagement the sun may set, so please respond and get involved – Complete our Feedback Survey.

Your pub is at risk, if you do not support it you will lose it.

Thank you !

The Rising Sun

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