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Closure of Footpath East to River Avon/Christian Malford (SBEN18)

Despite best endeavours to keep this open, Wessex Water have made a decision to close SBEN18 for 1 month from 24 May 2021 to enable works to be completed in this area.

Unfortunately there was insufficient space to keep the footpath open around their works as they have a large excavation for a manhole in the vicinity of the footpath, which has been placed as close to the hedgeline as possible to avoid permanent disruption to the farmer. The conditions there at the moment are quite boggy due to the recent rainfall and they do not feel that it is a safe place for the public to walk.

Wessex Water have apologised for this inconvenience and are planning to re-open for 28th June, but we will let you know if there any changes to this date.

Joo Foo, Project Manager, Wessex Water –
Mobile: 07825 657 860

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